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Made in Barcelona is a registered trademark

Logo and Brand

Made in Barcelona is a registered trademark since 2007, renewed in 2017 and currently in force.

Barcelona, ​​and its surroundings, is known in the world as a young and cosmopolitan city and, especially, as one of the indisputable centers of creativity, in multiple disciplines: fashion, music, innovative and imaginative gastronomy, design … Made in Barcelona intends / wants to facilitate the location of these creators, artisans, designers, gastronomic or peculiar products of Catalonia through a directory that has an online aggregator of experiences, products and services that can be lived and found in Barcelona ( Catalonia)

We have two domains:

On which our strategy pivots give value to the brand and what it represents.

Where is it registered?

Registration Link: Made in Barcelona

Made in Barcelona logo

Logo Made in Barcelona designed Mireia Oliver

Designed by Mireia Oliver, a student of Interior Design, born in Barcelona and in love with her city. The “Made in BCN” logo – Made in Barcelona is a registered trademark. The logo is a “Mark of distinction” that in an easy visual way leads quickly to identify Barcelona, ​​by two elements as characteristic as Eixample and Diagonal. Before deciding on this design, other designs were tested, some of them very representative of the city, such as the panot (tile with the flower of Barcelona), but they were discarded looking for something new and with a message of their own. With this election, we want to express what is and what Barcelona represents and invite you to know the thousand faces and possibilities that the city offers. We hope you like.