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Adhesion Application Tips

Improve SEO with Made in Barcelona

One of the main objectives of Made in Barcelona, ​​is that your publication is in the first search places of your area of ​​activity associated with Barcelona. For this we will invest all available resources, but your help in the way you make the publication is essential. Therefore we give you the following tips:

SEO Tips for the Application to Join Made in BCN

In order for our 400-word text to be relevant and Google to take it into account, you must comply with the following rules:

  • Do not take advantage of the same description in 2 different places, so the description of your products or services that you do in Made in Barcelona must be different from what you have on your website.
  • Let’s make it easy, make the description the easiest depending on the product, do not use long phrases or difficult to read or understand.
  • Use a consistent and easy to read structure.
  • Remember to place and repeat the keywords whenever their use is logical.
  • The length of the text has to be just and correct, there are contents of 100 words that are superbly positioned, but it is also true that the extensive content, of about 400 words, tends to be better positioned, but do not lengthen the text unnecessarily.
  • Regarding the labels you use. Although Google confirmed in 2009 that they were not used for a better positioning, they are used for a better location, so we encourage you to continue using them as keywords to locate your creations or offer.
  • It is important that you keep in mind that, although those who position your entry are robots, the content you publish is for people, write about them.

Images and video

  • Upload up to 20 images that detail your creations, your product or your store
  • Aprende a pronunciar You can link to an explanatory video of your creations or products.
  • Use the keywords that define your service, product, or creation.
  • We will post the videos on  Youtube or Vimeo before


The goal for this link is to serve you and report visits. So the best content that we can offer in the description, is that it perfectly responds to the question any user arises to find your website. And remember, at first the content will only be in Spanish, but soon we will have the opportunity to translate it into other languages, so the impact of your content will be exponential.

Thank you.