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Join Made in Barcelona

Why join Made in Barcelona

Join Made in Barcelona, ​​in addition to improving the natural positioning in Google of the associated website, the benefits you will get are the following:

  •, is a directory of artisans, creators, companies which make their creations in Catalonia, under parameters of aesthetics, design, practicality, innovation, Mediterranean style, so being part of Made in Barcelona, ​​makes a difference
  • You can use the Made in Barcelona logo (registered trademark), on your website, and communications, while in the directory. (, will provide it.)
  • You can expand your market, reaching more consumers. Made in Barcelona, ​​will monitor and work so that its positioning in the different languages ​​is excellent, and always under the quality umbrella of Made in Barcelona.
  • Due to the structure of the website, your future client, whether a company or an individual, will be easy to locate.
  • One more link, and for Google, this is important

My design, work, …, can you join or adhere to Made in Barcelona?

And now, if you answer positively to these three questions, send us your request to be part of Made in Barcelona

  • My company is located in Catalonia?.
  • My products, creations, could you say that they have an aesthetic, design, practicality, innovation, Mediterranean style, that differentiate them?.
  • At least 65% of the production, assembly or finishing of my products is done in Catalonia?.

If your answer and Yes, to the three questions, register and send us your company’s file.

Thank you, and welcome to Made in Barcelona ®

The approval of the request for relevance to, and the use of the Made in Barcelona brand, depends on its ownership and its advisory board.