Fet al Priorat

We are the first online shop and tour agency especialized in products and experiences from the Priorat

We are people from the Priorat
We are Priorat people who know first hand the quality products we sell. And we also know very well its producers, with whom we are in contact daily, and the territory, which we love and where we belong.

We believe in sustainability
We are a Priorat company that believes in a sustainable production system and network, in which human activity and respect for the natural environment and the agricultural tradition of our land are harmonized.

We promote values
We are a project that wants to contribute to a development model that preserves and promotes the values ​​of a territory that aspires to be recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

We offer more than just top quality products
For all of these reasons, when you shop at Fet al Priorat you take home something more than some of the best wines in the world, something more than top quality and ecological food and personal care products. You get more than just drinking, eating and living well.

When you shop at Fet al Priorat you make viable a way of living and understanding the rural world and the current world. You commit to sustainability criteria, preserve and promote authenticity, diversity and close relationships.