Balcony of the Sea (Sitges)

El Balcón del Mar is one of the three most exceptional and emblematic places of Sitges. It is known for being the only place with a spectacular balcony just above the sea, offering breathtaking views and allowing you to enjoy the horizon, peace and fantastic sunsets. Fantastic for events in Sitges

The villa contains the elements of the old medieval castle of Sitges originating from the 14th century. It is located right next to the Church of Sitges, one of the most important symbols of the city, and the Museum Cau Ferrat.

El Balcón del Maris a villa with a unique atmosphere, which leaves nobody indifferent. Thanks to its decorative elements from the epoch and incredible location, it makes you feel like coming back to another era, maintaining its unparalleled charm.

Enjoy your stay in Sitgesand make your vacation or event a success at the great villa of El Balcón del Mar. We have every single detail prepared for you with the highest level of demand.